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I have created this excel sheet to check if you are able to calculate VSAN sizing  for your VCAP6-DCV Design exam.

Based on the second excercise in the VSAN design guide by Cormac Hogan I have created an excel sheet which shows you the following:

How many hosts you need to run x amount of VMs on VSAN

The amount of CPU and RAM needed to run VSAN

The amount of CPU and RAM needed to run VSAN and ESXi

The amount of hosts needed to run VSAN and ESXi

The space you need for all your VMs

The amount of components used by all your VMs


DOWNLOAD the excel sheet here or click on any of the pictures!



OK,  the spreadsheet does not look awesome, but it does work.  When someone posts a VSAN calculation exercises you should be able to use this spreadsheet to find out if your result for the exercise is correct.



So how do you use it?

Only fill in values  in the white boxes

The Yellow boxes show you the calculated values you need to run VSAN. I have added the results of these at the top of the excel sheet.

The gray boxes are calculated values, do not replace the values you find there!

To calculate the components all you have to do is set a 1 if the disks exists and set a 0 if the disk does not exist.

FTT and stripes are already filled in above the component part of the spreadsheet.

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