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Recommended Blogs

Yellow Bricks .. by Duncan Epping
vSphere Storage .. Mostafa Khalil’s blog
Virtualization Talk.. hosted by the UK’s own Dark Knight
Vmware Gotchas .. hosted by Ariel Sanchez
NTPRO.NL .. hosted by Eric Sloof
Virtually Ghetto .. by William Lam
Jase McCarty’s blog
vGraeme .. by Graeme Vermeulen
Virtual Fabrik.. if you are into certiication, this is a rare gem
Jason Grierson’s one and only DCD simulator
Trikke’s Blog – A Linux expert and a very dear friends’ blog

Ray Heffer’s Blog –

One comment on “Recommended Blogs

  1. Wojtek
    February 7, 2016

    The following blog is also useful. People form VMware list this blog on the references in official conferences’ materials.


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