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Hello and welcome!

I am a virtualization engineer working for a Biglaw Law Firm.

Originally I started this blog when we were in the process of planning a migration from vSphere 5.0 to vSphere 5.5 -yes as many others did, we too skipped the horrendous vSphere 5.1 version- to keep track of all the scripts I was working on. Of course this blog will not contain only scripts but other things which I think are interesting as well.

But I am not a scripting guru, neither I am someone with an IQ of 160 or someone who holds the answers to all the virtualization questions. However as many among you, I am someone with a great deal of tenacity, someone who sees a problem and loses sleep over that problem until it is solved. Someone who’s passion is VMware and virtualization.

Wait did I just mention scripts in the era of vSphere 6?! Oh my!! Well when you think about it, some migration errors are just easier to recover from when you have scripts in the form of shell, powerCLI and PowerShell and no doubt may others such as Chef, Puppet and Ansible. The whole migration happened almost flawless, but knowing that you have considered worst case scenarios and have ways to back out of a bad migration, really is a comforting thought.


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