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REVIEW: VMware NSX Fundamentals LiveLessons

Have you ever watched a video course, had your doubts about the instructors or felt a pang of regret that you didn’t have the test environment to test the new solution people were explaining in a video?  This course is different and in the next few lines I will tell you why!

NSx course

  1. The instructors Andreas la Quiante, Ron FullerAnthony Burke are highly skilled VMware employees and have proven their value in their respective field.
  1. I really like the fact that the course builds up gradually, taking you on a small excursion about networking followed by showing how datacenter networking is being setup and what the future of datacenter networking is all about. From there it takes you on a trip and shows you how NSX is being setup and what NSX can do for your datacenter.
  1. Contrary to most video courses which deal with NSX 6.0, this course showcases VMware’s flagship NSX 6.2! NSX 6.2 is the version which can be used across vCenters.
  1. You might have heard about the free lab environment VMware showcases each year at VMworld and which recently has become a phenomenon in the internet: These labs are free of charge and are used in this video course to show the magnificent possibilities of VMware NSX. Each time something is explained, you can pause the video, head over to the free online lab environment and try it yourself in the same lab environment which was used to make this course!
  1. I really like the structure of this course and have a feeling that of all the basic NSX Video courses out there, this one is the best one out there!
  1. Conclusion: This is a great video course!

2 comments on “REVIEW: VMware NSX Fundamentals LiveLessons

  1. rtc81
    March 11, 2016

    Hi Kim,

    thank you for that post. I registered today for the hol Labs. Perfect for people how hasen’t the change for an Home Lab.



    • Admin
      March 11, 2016

      Start blogging more and become a vExpert! vExpert is all about being a VMware fan and promoting what u belief in!


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