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vExpert 2016 – after the euphoria

My chosen title for this blog post might be somewhat misleading. If there are any downsides to becoming a vExpert, I still have to discover them. But so far I have had no luck finding any disadvantages to becoming a vExpert. Actually, the vExpert program offers nothing but advantages!

So let me sum up a couple of things I really think are perks for about anyone really.

The poor man’s lab

What you always need:

  • Training
  • A lab

If you need training .. Pluralsight has the vExperts’ back again and grants all vExperts 365 days access to their content.

So what about a lab? Setting up a lab environment can cost you quite a bit of money, even if you only want to test basic features of vSphere 6. You will also be faced with the fact that trial licences expire all too soon, a big annoyance for everyone who wants to learn new products. Thanks to Ravello and VMware you can run your lab in the cloud .. for free and without having to replace a license key for a whole year !

ravello   vmware-banner  pluralsight

In 2016 Ravello repeats its famous stunt of 2015 and grants all vExperts 1000 CPU hours a month. VMware takes care of the licences and generously has given all vExperts NFR licences valid for 365 days!




Life isn’t too bad as a VMware addict!

ravello   vmware-banner  pluralsight

2 comments on “vExpert 2016 – after the euphoria

  1. rtc81
    March 1, 2016

    First of all congratulations. Nice to hear about this goodies. Do VMware invite the vExpert to there headquarter?
    How can I become an vExpert, when I had no consultant job yet?

    Thank you.



    • Admin
      March 1, 2016

      Rolf, here is the good news: I am not a consultant either! The vExpert program is not a technical certification, but a honor status granted to people who preach the VMware gospel ;).
      There are several ways to do this:
      The easiest way is the evangelist path.

      You can find more over here:

      If you want to know more about becoming a vExpert, feel free to reach out anytime!


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