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How to run a nested ESXi 6 on top of your vSphere 5.5 environment

Vladan Seget has a very nice blog post about how to run a nested vSphere 6 deployment on top of an existing ESXi 6 environment. You can find the blog post here: Vladan. Below I have added the bits ad pieces on how to run a nested vSphere 6 environment on top of a vSphere 5.5 environment.

How do you create a vSphere 6 ESXi host on top of your vSphere 5.5 environment.

1. On the hosting vCenter server, set the port groups which you will use to Promiscuous

2. Create a new VM and select the guest OS: Other, 64-bit









3. Once the VM has been created you need to do the basic configuration such as setting IP addresses and such. Vladan has this very well documented as well.

4. Download the fling for Nested ESXi hosts and install the vibNested Esxi 5.x Fling


If you get hit with the error: Could not find trusted signer when installing the vib, add the –no-check-sig switch.

Example : # esxcli software vib install -d /vmfs/volumes/datastore1/ --no-sig-check

5. Shutdown the host after installing the vib.

6. open the vmx file of the host and add the folowing line in the vmx:  vhv.enable = “TRUE”. This will allow you to run 64 bit Guest OS’s in your nested vSphere 6 environment build on top of your vSphere 5.x environment. This parameter is fully descirbed in William Lam’s blog: Nested ESXi 5.5







7. If you want to add a Flash Disk add the following line in the vmx file:
scsiX:Y.virtualSSD = 1

The full article again is written by William Lam: Emulating SSD

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