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vBrownbag @ VMworld – Getting to the first level: VCP6

It is special to do a presentation at VMWorld and I am really grateful vBrownbag offered me this opportunity.
I hope my presentation can help a few people finding the right information to get to VCP6 certification or become a VMware administrator if they do wish to do so.
Got a bit nervous at the end when I was signaled that I had only 2 minutes left, but I hope the message is well received.

Here is a listing of all the EMEA vBrownbag session at VMworld 2015 Barcelona: [click here to see the vBrownbag 2015 VMWorld Barcelona Sessions]

You can download the Powerpoint of my presentation here: [Download powerpoint presentation] VMWORLD 2015 presentation.

For the people who know me, I really like the very rare NSX swag which you can find at VMworld if you are lucky because I really belief in the potential of NSX both from a network perspective as from the perspective of security and I am not even a guy who is part of the network or security team in the company I work for! But this year I am very proud of earning the vBrownbag swag.

From left to right, the vBrownbag VMWorld presenter polo and next to it on the right the new NSX T-shirt.



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