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Horizon View 6.2 and RDSH – What happens with your RDSH application when you log off from VIEW?

So what happens when you disconnect from VIEW without closing the RDSH application? Or what happens when you do logoff from VIEW but do so without closing the RDSH application first?

This all is set in 2 different settings:

  • Empty Session Timeout (applications only)
  • Log off Disconnected sessions












Official HORIZON page: Product Information Link

Official HORIZON Documentation: Documentation Link 

Official HORIZON download page: Download here!


From VMware Documentation Center for VMware Horizon 6.0 with View:
Empty session timeout (applications only)

Determines the amount of time that an empty application session is kept open. An application session is empty when all the applications that run in the session are closed. While the session is open, users can open applications faster. You can save system resources if you disconnect or log off empty application sessions. Select Never or set the number of minutes as the timeout value. The default is After 1 minute.

Log off disconnected session

Determines when a disconnected session is logged off. This setting applies to both desktop and application sessions. Select Never, Immediate, or After … minutes. Use caution when you select Immediate or After … minutes. When a disconnected session is logged off, the session is lost. The default is never.

When you login again before the session time has expired, this is the view you will get:











View will ask you what to do with the remote applications ( RDSH applications).

So what does the HORIZON VIEW log report?

Well the log shows that I did log off from Horizon VIEW and disconnected from my VDI VM. I log back in into my VDI VM but do not start any additional applications ( in fact the screen on top is the last thing I do. I don’t even confirm I want to reconnect to my remotely running applications. In the end the log reports that my user has logged off from the RDSH host and my application sessions are terminated.


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