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App Volumes 9.2: App Volumes Client does not popup on your Client OS in provisioning mode

When you provision applications in your Client OS (Provisioning AppStacks) you normally get a notification in your Client OS that you are in provisioning mode.




Official HORIZON page: Product Information Link

Official HORIZON Documentation: Documentation Link 

Official HORIZON download page: Download here!


Today I ran into some issues where I did not get the popup on a newly deployed Client OS created from a VDI Golden template.

I literally checked everything:

  • Windows Firewall
  • User Account settings
  • DNS
  • gave it a static instead of a DHCP address
  • checked errors in the evenviewer and APP Volumes logs

I consolidated the client OS and redeployed the VIEW Client and the App Volumes Client. To no avail…

In the end I deployed a new Client OS from the same Golden template and all works.

Conclusion: Don’t lose time when you don’t get the popup. Deploy a new Guest OS and check if the popup appears. If it doesn’t you have bigger issues.

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