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PowerCLI: the easiest way to create Private VLANS

If you like to test PVLANs but don’t like clicking around in the webclient, try creating them from PowerCLI.

The Primary VLAN in each line is always the same one and in your first line, the primary and the secondary VLAN are the same VLAN. This is because the primary PVLAN will also serve as the Pormiscuous PVLAN. I have chosen 200.

On the next lines the Primary and Secondary VLANs are different from eachother.

$vds = Get-VDSwitch ‘Your vDS’

Get-VDSwitch $vds | New-VDSwitchPrivateVlan -PrimaryVlanId 200 -SecondaryVlanId 200 -PrivateVlanType Promiscuous

Get-VDSwitch $vds | New-VDSwitchPrivateVlan -PrimaryVlanId 200 -SecondaryVlanId 201 -PrivateVlanType Community

Get-VDSwitch $vds | New-VDSwitchPrivateVlan -PrimaryVlanId 200 -SecondaryVlanId 203 -PrivateVlanType Isolated



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