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VCSA 5.5 SSO Administrators group disappeared

Last week I had a problem where the SSO administrators group disappeared after I removed all AD accounts which had been added wrongfully to the SSO administrators group.

As you can see below, you can notice several things:

  • I cannot modify the Identity Sources anymore

  • The Administrators group in SSO is really gone

  • I cannot add any group anymore, all is greyed out.

  • I cannot add any SSO users either

(continues below the picture)



However, administrator@vsphere.local was still available and did have the necessary role. But despite that, I could not modify anything anymore.

So here is the solution:

vpxd stop

  • change the SSO password, this will force SSO to re-initialize!

set new sso password

sso warning

sso succesfull

  • Start vPXD again

start vpxd

  • When this is done, all is ok again.

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