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How to add RAM to your Windows vCenter server

I use PowerCLI to add RAM. Shutdown vCenter and connect to the ESXI hosts hosting the vCenter server.

C:\Program Files(x86)\VMware\Infrastructure\vSphere PowerCLI> connect-viserver yourESXIserver

cmdlet Connect-VIServer at command pipeline position 1

Supply values for the following parameters:

Server[0]: yourESXIserver

WARNING: There were one or more problems with the server certificate:


Name Port User

— —

yourESXIserver 443 root

C:\Program Files (x86)\VMware\Infrastructure\vSphere PowerCLI> Set-VM yourVCENTERserver -MemoryGB 16

Proceed to configure the following parameters of the virtual machine with name ‘yourVCENTERserver’?

New MemoryMB: 16384MB
[Y] Yes [A] Yes to All [N] No [L] No to All [S] Suspend [?] Help
(default is “Y”):Y

Name PowerState Num CPUs MemoryGB

— ——- —- ——

yourVCENTERserver PoweredOff 2 16.000

PS C:\Program Files (x86)\VMware\Infrastructure\vSphere PowerCLI>

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