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VMWorld 2015.. The sessions I want to attend

Here is my VMWorld 2015 list of presentations I would really like to attend. Unfortunately, as always, my list is too long and I will have to take a big fat black marker, and remove the sessions I will not attend.. VMware… if you see this, please add 1 more full day of presentations!

In the coming days and weeks I will add hyperlinks to the mentioned sessions and will give you my reasons why I am that interested in these sessions.

INF4528 – vCenter Server Appliance (VCSA) Best Practices & Tips/Tricks – William Lam
INF5211 – Automating Everything VMware with PowerCLI – Deep Dive – Alan Renouf & Luc Dekens
NET4989 – The Future of Network Virtualization with VMware NSX – Bruce Davie
VAPP4639 – Best Practices for Performance Tuning of Virtualized Telco and NFV Applications on vSphere ESXi – Bhavesh Davda & Jin Heo
NET5612 – NSX for vSphere Logical Load Balacing Deep Dive – Dimitri Desmidt & Uday Masurekar
INF5701 – Extreme Performance Series: vSphere Compute & Memory – Fei Guo & Seong Beom Kim
INF4936 – Insight Into vSphere 6 vMotion: Architecture, Features, Performance and Debugging – Sreekanth Setty, Gabriel Tarasuk-Levin
INF5306 – DRS Advancements in vSphere 6, Advanced Concepts, and Future Directions – Naveen Nagaraj
STO6287-SPO – Instant Application Recovery and DevOps Infrastructure for VMware Environments – A Technical Deep Dive – Chris Wahl & Arvind Nithrakashyap
VAPP6256-SPO – Advanced Network Architecture in SDDC to deploy highly automated IT Service Delivery based on NSX – Chip Copper, Dennis Bray, Chris Binger, Reza Namin, Joel Rich, Marty Curlett
NET4972 – Incorporating VMware NSX in your DevOps Toolchain – Network Programmability with Python and Ansible – Yves Fauser, Andrew Voltmer
INF4946 – vSphere 6 Security Deep Dive: Certificates and Identity
INF5106 – Content Library – William Lam
SDDC5440 – VMware Validated Reference Designs – A Reference Architecture for the SDDC – Marc Brown, Simran Singh
SDDC5113 – What’s New in VMware Integrated OpenStack version 2.0! – Amr Abdelrazik, Arvind Soni, Trevor Roberts Jr
STO5605 – What’s New in Site Recovery Manager – Shobhan Lakkapragada, Mauricio Barra
VAPP4634 – Harnessing the Power of Storage Virtualization and Site Recovery Manager to Provide HA and DR Capabilities to Business Critical Databases – Sudhir Balasubramanian, Marlin McNeil
NET5826 – NSX for vSphere Logical Routing Deep Dive – Jerome Catrouille, Pooja Patel
MGT6401-GD – DevOps and Continuous Delivery with Thomas Corfmat – Thomas Corfmat
VAPP6537-GD – Extreme Performance Series: Maximize Performance on vSphere 6 – Mark Achtemichuk, Josh Simons, Jeff Buell
SDDC4797 – EVO:RAIL 2.0 Deep Dive – Mike Laverick, Dave Shanley

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