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Create a vSwitch using PowerCLI

# NumPorts is not needed anymore in vSphere 5.5, the ports are elastically assigned.
# vmnic0 and vmnic1 are assigned to the vSwitch
# Nic Teaming policy has been set to IPHash.
# Portgroups are set to inherit NIC Teaming policy from the vSwitch.

$vmhost_array = @(“”,””,””)
Foreach ($vmhost in $vmhost_array)
$vswitch0 = New-VirtualSwitch -VMHost $vmhost -Name vSwitch0 -Nic vmnic0,vmnic1 -NumPorts 1016| Get-NicTeamingPolicy | Set-NicTeamingPolicy -LoadBalancingPolicy LoadBalanceIP
$vportgroup = New-VirtualPortGroup -VirtualSwitch vswitch0 -Name “” -VlanID 1 | Get-NicTeamingPolicy | Set-NicTeamingPolicy -InheritFailoverOrder:$true
$vportgroup = New-VirtualPortGroup -VirtualSwitch vswitch0 -Name “” -VlanID 2 | Get-NicTeamingPolicy | Set-NicTeamingPolicy -InheritFailoverOrder:$true

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